Slow Your Bicep Curls, You’re Not Flippin’ Pancakes

Whilst hitting up the gym today I witnessed a man performing bicep curls so quickly that, had someone thrown three balls to him, he would’ve probably juggled them perfectly. I’m no expert, but bicep curls require form and focus, not ferocity.

It made me look at what I was doing, and I quickly corrected my form. People, men specifically, seem to have this idea that quick and/or violent movements equate to giant muscles. It’s actually the slow movement, the controlled movement, that seriously adds mass to the muscles.

If you want to be a force to be reckoned with, try slowing down. Some of the most powerful forces in nature are slow and steady. The goal should be to build power, not violently pump it up.

They’re bicep curls, not flapjacks.


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