Angry At A Rash

I’ve had a rash for some time now. Great opening, huh? Anyway, it comes from excess sweating brought on by repeated fitness. My running, the activity that brings me great life-changing joy, is also the reason why I can’t run right now. 

Am I angry? Yes, of course I am. It’s killing me not to go running. Of course I can just go out and run but then the rash wouldn’t go away. Do I workout and increase my fitness or do I cool my jets and heal? With all that goes on in my life, this should be a very low priority. 




Keep Moving, There’s A Monster Behind You

There’s a monster behind you. It’s watching you lift that weight, it’s running behind you; it can match your every step. So what the hell are you doing stepping so slowly? You act like you can ignore it, as if that’ll make it go away. It’ll never go away, that’s the blessing and the curse.

The monster is you. It’s everything you shouldn’t be. It wants you to give up, be embarrassed, and cry. Seeing you at your worst will make it unstoppable and its paying very close attention to make sure it catches you slip.

There is a lot to fear, but, in a way, it’s the fear that you need. You need to be afraid of losing. You need to be afraid of giving up. Why would you push yourself forwards if you didn’t mind going backwards? The monster wants you to stay in and quiet the alarm for that workout session.

Move. Move your feet and get as far away from the monster as you can. Leave it in your dust. Let it witness your victory. Be afraid, be very afraid because it’ll be exactly what you need to win.

Your Dream Body Is A Reality

Working out can suck. Running can suck. Sweating can suck. It can hurt, it is tiring, and not all of us look really sexy working out (at least not in the beginning). It can seem hopeless and change and definition can come at a snail’s pace.

Never should you ever let that stop you. Your dream body isn’t a dream at all. It can and will be as real as you and I. No one is immune to change. If you keep at your fitness, you will become greater. Every human body is amazing, including yours. Stop living within your limits. Unleash the beast.

Pick A Day And Get Back At It

So, I’ve been off the radar for a while. My fitness has taken a backseat to me becoming a bit of a badass in the kitchen. Also, there was family over and really, who has the time for fitness when you have amazing hangout sessions scheduled? Well, at least I can’t.

Thus, it’s the time for saying, “Monday, that’s the day that I’ll be back on track.”

Well… it will be. There’s no problem  with walking off the path for a little bit. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re doing other things. I’d rather get enormously fat living life than waste away on a couch. If you didn’t find the time for fitness, congratulations, you’re doing things. Just pick a day, mark it as your comeback day, and get at it again.

Start Counting When It Starts Hurting

“I don’t count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it hurts because those are the ones that count.”

Mohammed Ali said that. Well, I hope he did. It’s a really great quote. The point is that it makes sense doesn’t it? People like to count from 0, they like to run for x amount of miles; everything is done in numbers. However, there is a measurement that works above all other forms – pain.

Measure the miles after you’ve become tiring out, count the reps when it starts to hurt. Maybe then you’ll see how much of the count is actually worth something.

Pick Your Battles

Today, I stood on the sidewalk, my running route ahead of me, with pain in my hip-joint. My choices were to either turn around and walk slowly back home or steam ahead and damage myself. Rest now and heal or go forth and end up hurting myself.

I chose the smart option.

As I walked home (or rather limped home) I thought about the moments when the reward is far less than the risk. I would’ve burned hundreds of calories today on my run but then I would be ruining the rest of my week. It’s very easy to want to go full steam ahead. You think, “No pain, no gain, right?” However, most of the time, I think the thought should be, “No pain, awesome, that means I’m doing it right.”

Know how to pick your battles. Know when rest will reap more reward than risk. Don’t hurt yourself.

Man Down

When one becomes set on becoming fit, one tends to believe that some sort of injury might be imminent. With all that running, or lifting, or swimming, or sport – you are probably going to get hurt now and then. I am no different. I run a lot, so my legs might start aching right?

So, how the hell did I get a weird cramp in my leg joint IN BED?

If you don’t let your mind wander over into the gutter, you might find this as strange as I do. I understand that I might’ve slept wrong, sure, but it seems so comical that with all the running and working out I do, it is in bed, when I am resting, that I receive my injury.

I gotta keep off of my leg tomorrow. Let’s hope I don’t break my arm when I go to sleep tonight…

Scared Of Relapsing

I’m getting into cooking a lot more. I’m think of maybe even turning it into a profession. I do, however, fear what it’ll do to my diet.

I’ve already had a lot of sweet things this week. Whether that was the Simple Syrup I had to make for some cocktails, or the new French Toast recipe I was trying out, it seems my taste buds are hungry for them again. I had to seriously Jedi mind trick myself just now to put down some chocolate cookies.

There is always a fear of going back to the way I was. I’m in a lot better shape now, and I know that my fitness routine will at least keep me this way, but I’m still a bit nervous about eating more. I want to bake, cook, and mix myself into a career but what will that mean to my fitness? How can I resist Red Velvet Macarons? Seriously…

Cocktails And A Fresh Mind

So, I’m into mixing now and today was Mojito day. I realized that while I’m on a tight fitness routine, trying to watch what I eat and drink, and just plain trying to be healthier, it’s good sometimes to have a drink.

If you’re okay with alcohol, it really can loosen you up and refresh your mind. I’m not saying get wasted and run around naked. I’m just saying that a drink, a well made one, can help you remember why you do the things you do. Any way you can blow off some steam, do it. You don’t want to end up resenting your fitness routine.

Zucchini Pasta – Food For Fit Gangstas

Today, for dinner, I made zucchini pasta. You do this by shaving zucchinis into pasta like strands. It’s quirky, it’s tasty, and it’s the dinner of champions.

Only straight up gangstas eat healthy food like that. It takes skill and it takes a lot of veggies and if that isn’t “hip and funky fresh”, as the kids say nowadays, then I don’t know what is.

It has less calories than pasta and the best part is that you don’t feel like hibernating afterwards. There’s no heavy feeling of pasta being digested. I was pumped after and felt a lot better than I normally did. I recommend you to up your game. I recommend you try it out.

Here’s a recipe if you’re interested: