Pick Your Battles

Today, I stood on the sidewalk, my running route ahead of me, with pain in my hip-joint. My choices were to either turn around and walk slowly back home or steam ahead and damage myself. Rest now and heal or go forth and end up hurting myself.

I chose the smart option.

As I walked home (or rather limped home) I thought about the moments when the reward is far less than the risk. I would’ve burned hundreds of calories today on my run but then I would be ruining the rest of my week. It’s very easy to want to go full steam ahead. You think, “No pain, no gain, right?” However, most of the time, I think the thought should be, “No pain, awesome, that means I’m doing it right.”

Know how to pick your battles. Know when rest will reap more reward than risk. Don’t hurt yourself.

Man Down

When one becomes set on becoming fit, one tends to believe that some sort of injury might be imminent. With all that running, or lifting, or swimming, or sport – you are probably going to get hurt now and then. I am no different. I run a lot, so my legs might start aching right?

So, how the hell did I get a weird cramp in my leg joint IN BED?

If you don’t let your mind wander over into the gutter, you might find this as strange as I do. I understand that I might’ve slept wrong, sure, but it seems so comical that with all the running and working out I do, it is in bed, when I am resting, that I receive my injury.

I gotta keep off of my leg tomorrow. Let’s hope I don’t break my arm when I go to sleep tonight…

Scared Of Relapsing

I’m getting into cooking a lot more. I’m think of maybe even turning it into a profession. I do, however, fear what it’ll do to my diet.

I’ve already had a lot of sweet things this week. Whether that was the Simple Syrup I had to make for some cocktails, or the new French Toast recipe I was trying out, it seems my taste buds are hungry for them again. I had to seriously Jedi mind trick myself just now to put down some chocolate cookies.

There is always a fear of going back to the way I was. I’m in a lot better shape now, and I know that my fitness routine will at least keep me this way, but I’m still a bit nervous about eating more. I want to bake, cook, and mix myself into a career but what will that mean to my fitness? How can I resist Red Velvet Macarons? Seriously…

Cocktails And A Fresh Mind

So, I’m into mixing now and today was Mojito day. I realized that while I’m on a tight fitness routine, trying to watch what I eat and drink, and just plain trying to be healthier, it’s good sometimes to have a drink.

If you’re okay with alcohol, it really can loosen you up and refresh your mind. I’m not saying get wasted and run around naked. I’m just saying that a drink, a well made one, can help you remember why you do the things you do. Any way you can blow off some steam, do it. You don’t want to end up resenting your fitness routine.

Zucchini Pasta – Food For Fit Gangstas

Today, for dinner, I made zucchini pasta. You do this by shaving zucchinis into pasta like strands. It’s quirky, it’s tasty, and it’s the dinner of champions.

Only straight up gangstas eat healthy food like that. It takes skill and it takes a lot of veggies and if that isn’t “hip and funky fresh”, as the kids say nowadays, then I don’t know what is.

It has less calories than pasta and the best part is that you don’t feel like hibernating afterwards. There’s no heavy feeling of pasta being digested. I was pumped after and felt a lot better than I normally did. I recommend you to up your game. I recommend you try it out.

Here’s a recipe if you’re interested: http://garlicmysoul.com/blog/zucchini-noodles/.

Big Calorie Days

Sometimes you can’t run from the calories. Sometimes your brother gets back from The Philippines and has brought you two boxes of donuts, wants to eat ribs for dinner, and brings you all kinds of snacks to snack on. You just can’t run from family love.

It’s okay. I’m not gonna regret anything. So I had a big calorie day, big deal. I’ll run again tomorrow, eat better, and feel normal once again. I’m not gonna forgo my happiness just to watch my calories. It won’t work like that. I need to work hard but be happy while I do so.

BIg calorie days are tons of fun. Just try to make them once in a blue moon.

Do Not Quit

If you’re thinking of quitting, remember why you are doing this in the first place. Fitness is important, being healthy is important, sure, you’ve heard it tons of times.

What does it mean to you? Why do you want to be fit, why do you want to take the massive step of changing yourself and your body?

Don’t quit. You’ve come this far. You’ve made the choice. You’ve got the drive. You can’t quit now.

It sucks, I know. It’s not a cake walk and speaking of which, you’re probably craving cake right now cause of your diet. Why are you doing this to yourself? You could be eating cookies and lounging on the couch.

However, it is in those moments that you remember why you need to change. You don’t want to lounge about anymore and cookies, pshh, who needs them? Seriously though, back me up here, cause my will shakes as well sometimes. Is it weird to have dreams of cookies?


Don’t quit. Results take time to show but then again, most awesome things in life do take some time, right? You can do this. You are doing this.

If You’re Gonna Pizza, Pizza Right

My god I just had a great pizza. Small local place, great ingredients, and a non-mechanicaly-made looking pizza. I threw some healthy things on there and I have no regrets.

I’m trying to be fit, and I’m succeeding now. I’m losing weight and gaining muscle. My workouts are becoming better and my runs are becoming stronger. Do I have the will power, however, to withstand the offer of some pizza? Hell no.

I went for it, choose healthier ingredients, and less than I normally would order, and I feel fine. I don’t feel like dying in my bed, I don’t feel like I need to go run off all these calories. It’s so easy to still eat the food that you love, just a healthier version of it. Most times it’ll even taste a bit better and leave less of a guilt feeling inside you.

My motto now is, “If you’re gonna pizza, pizza right.”

The Thing About Workingout

The thing about working out is that it hurts. It may make you feel great after, or it could calm you and help you deal with some shit, but it hurts. It doesn’t feel great to lift kilos of weight those two or three extra reps when you’re tired and want to go home. Your muscles will be sore, your body will be drained, and that’s no picnic.

The thing about pain is that humans connect it with everything negative. Once there is a feeling of discomfort, a person’s first instinct is to pull away and shelter themselves. It is an act of self-preservation. It’s what keeps our species alive.

However, not all pain is negative. There are things that must hurt in order to be understood. There is pain that you must feel in order to become a stronger you. How weak would you be right now if not for those moments that brought tears to your eyes? How fragile would your heart be now if not for those that have broken it.

Working out, hurting yourself in order to become greater, is what allows you to evolve. The wall will crumble, the pieces will be gathered up and molded into new material, and a stronger wall will go up. You must rip, tear, and destroy yourself in order to create a you that even you can be amazed by.

There are no happy chin-ups, there are no pleasant bicep-curls. What there is, is a whole lot of pain for a whole lot of gain. You should never harm yourself.

However, if it’s progress you seek, it’ll be difficulty that you’ll meet. The top of the hill can only be reached by climbing it.

Days Without Fitness

It’s weird going days without working out or running. It’s strange not feeling tired or sore.

I know there is nothing wrong with having a resting period, my body sure can use it. My mind, however, is convinced that I’ll suddenly gain all my weight back or I’ll lose my running progress. It’s dangerous not being okay with rest, especially when life sometimes seems only filled with busy activity.

When life throws something your way, throws you out of your routine, maybe it should be a welcomed break from it. Get back to being you, whatever that really means. Recharge your soul and let your muscles grow.

It may be difficult, but you can make it through these days. Don’t allow yourself to waste relaxing moments. They seldo come.